Caroline / 16 / Maryland
"You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize."

Dogs are my children honestly…I never want children but I want a dog when I am Living On My Own

My dog is starting to chill out a bit that is so nice…I love having a dog again I’m very good with dogs I am a dog whisperer honestly. I am very bad with children but I am amazing with dogs


Cliente: Nike - Ale MarderPhotography: Rodrigo MaltchiqueExecutive Producer: Filipe LagoActress: Luisa MoraesCreative Direction: Pedro Lourenço Beauty: Daniel HernandezSet Design: Studios Goia PanaPhoto Assistent: Jorge EscudeiroRetouch: Thiago Auge


Cliente: Nike - Ale Marder
Photography: Rodrigo Maltchique
Executive Producer: Filipe Lago
Actress: Luisa Moraes
Creative Direction: Pedro Lourenço 
Beauty: Daniel Hernandez
Set Design: Studios Goia Pana
Photo Assistent: Jorge Escudeiro
Retouch: Thiago Auge